360 Degree Feedback Software Designed by Leadership Development Practitioners, not Software Developers

Easy to use software that allows you to use our competencies or yours to create effective and efficient 360-degree feedback processes.

"“The pretense of knowledge is our most dangerous vice, because it prevents us from getting any better.”
Ryan Holiday

After years of frustration with other provider's software platforms, we created one that meets all our needs, and it can meet yours too!

Flexible Competencies

Choose from a selection of competencies covering common leadership skills, or create your own.

Cost Effective

Bring the cost of multi rater feedback processes down to a point where you can offer the programs more broadly.

Flexible Rater Groups

Name rater groups to most accurately reflect the organizational units that you are collecting data from.

Simple, Effective Reports

All the information you need, and none that you dont. AI Enabled recommendations for development built in.

Leadership training is more than a check mark on your team's task list

Why settle for inflexible, expensive, and cumbersome 360 degree feedback processes when a simpler, customizable, and more flexible solution is available.

Develop emotionally intelligent leaders in 6 months when you register your team for the LEAD program today!

Ensure your organization builds strength from within through custom leadership training

Our core program is called LEAD

L - Leadership
E - Essentials of
A - Accelerated
D - Development

The LEAD program is a 6-month guided learning experience that includes a monthly coaching call and assigned learning. Banish learning overwhelm, stay on track with your learning, and apply the concepts learned to real world examples. Share and discuss your learning and other leadership topics with fellow participants and your coach.


You're working hard to build a high-performing team

You deserve leadership training that delivers results

See what other members have to say about MyLeadershipHub

"Overall I have found the courses great, informative and full of useful information. It has challenged me to be reflective and think differently about the work I do."

-- Derek D

"The pacing of the courses is great. I enjoy the one hour courses broken up into shorter videos I can watch throughout the day."

-- Nicole C

"I enjoy the conversations around what has been challenging and being able to talk about possible solutions for those issues. It's easy to learn concepts but it can be difficult to know how they might work out in practice, so these types of conversations really help me to develop a better sense of how to apply the learning."

-- Julia W

"Drew was a wonderful and engaging instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed the program. I really liked the activities and case studies that allowed us to apply the theories learned throughout the program. It not only kept me engaged, it also help each lesson sink in. I work with a lot of diverse stakeholders and many individuals who have experienced trauma in one form or another, my increased knowledge of EQ will most definitely be helpful as I take on more leadership roles and projects at work."

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Meet ThE TEAM (notice that we are LEadership development folks, not software developers. In fact

Drew Bird

Drew's passion is helping people better understand themselves and those around them - especially inside the workplace. He helps leaders discover how emotional intelligence can influence and guide a leader's thoughts and actions. By developing effective and empathetic learning opportunities for leaders of complex organizations, Drew helps develop future leaders who can help the organization thrive for years to come.

Karen Bowen

Karen believes every individual has untapped potential. Which, by extension, means that every organization has untapped potential. By creating dynamic, interactive learning experiences, Karen helps unlock the mysteries of organizational life. Drawing on her own life experience as a leader in large, complex environments, Karen’s goal is to help people recognize their own opportunities for growth and positive impact within their organization.

Kristy Ware

Kristy’s passion for humanity, well-being and creating inclusive spaces, drives them to help make this world a better place. Drawing from lived experiences combined with years of education, Kristy helps leaders build a foundation of knowledge around the concepts of well-being, diversity, equity, inclusion, unconscious bias, gender terminology, 2SLGBTQI+ and pronouns.


Here are some of the most common questions our clients ask.
We invite you to schedule a call with us at any time to talk through the best options for your organization.

Emotionally intelligent leaders create healthy, engaging, and productive workplaces.

Research shows that combining online video-based learning with live instructor-led sessions leads to maximum engagement and accountability.

Membership starts at $249/quarter or $899/year. View our membership options here.

Register here using a credit card or contact us at info@myleadershiphub.com to be invoiced and pay via wire transfer or check.

Absolutely. We know no two organizations are alike, and we’re happy to schedule a call to discuss the best options for your team. You can click the button below for a calendar link, or feel free to email us at info@myleadershiphub.com and suggest a couple of days/times that work best for you!

The proven LEAD program works best for organizations like these

While our programs are effective in multiple industries, our guided learning solutions are especially effective for
complex organizations with specialized training needs


Municipalities require cost effective leadership development solutions that provide practical, usable strategies that can be applied right away and across a variety of departments.


Healthcare leaders need effective leadership development in a variety of formats and modalities that can accommodate anytime, anywhere learning needs.

Information Technology

Leaders in the Information Technology sector need just-in-time leadership development that focuses on common challenges and addresses the dynamic nature of the industry.


Start turning your team into high-performing leaders today



We’ll deliver proven value for your training budget.



Log on for guided learning, including live sessions, group coaching, and journaling prompts.



You’ll have full access to your own 


It costs nothing to get started. Only pay for the assessments you use.

The LEAD program from MyLeadershipHub gives your team the specialized tools they need to help your organization thrive

There are 12 modules in the LEAD Curriculum including some of the following topics

The Leader's Guide to Emotional Intelligence

Based on book of the same name, The Leaders Guide to Emotional Intelligence lets you explore, understand, and develop your emotional intelligence. In depth exploration of the topic plus highly engaging reflective activities will have you on a fast path to increasing your emotional effectiveness from the very first session.

Fundamentals of Decision Making

As a leader, you make dozens of decisions every day that impact the people and processes that make up your organization. Some of these decisions are small, not complex, and have limited impact. Others are complex and have the potential to dramatically affect your potential future success or failure. In this 1 hour course we explore the complex world of decision-making, including the underlying psychology as well as the overt data that affects your choices.

Fundamentals of Communicating Effectively

Effective communication is one of the cornerstone skills of being a great leader. Being able to communicate with clarity in ways that resonate with team members and foster positive relationships is critical. It is not enough to simply want to communicate effectively, there are specific components, skills and concepts that will support you to be the best communicator you can be. We explore all of this and more in this course.


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